Go Remote

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Working remotely, definition

Working remotely in 2019 means that a worker does not commute to an office on a daily basis but rather they simply access the Internet and work from anywhere it’s suitable for them according to their lifestyle. Therefore, their office can be their home, a coffee shop or anywhere they feel helps them be productive and get the job done. On that premise, their office can be anywhere in the world as long as certain criteria are satisfied, i.e. good Internet connectivity and the right attitude towards collaboration. These days remote collaboration can be facilitated by a plethora of tools available on all operating systems.


Even though I am passionate about flexibility and remote work since I have been doing it successfully for the past two years, I am very keen to meet with my colleagues and discuss whatever we feel is important. The difference is that we decide when it’s a good time to meet. This week for instance we all gathered for an eight hour meeting to discuss a number of issues. Yes, we could do it over our laptops and some people had to because they lived far far away, but we decided it would be best to meet, if we can. And we did. At the end of the day each team is responsible for deciding how they want to work. Some may decide that being at the same place is of vital importance. That’s fine. That’s what flexibility is. Nothing should be forced.

Vasileios Vlachos
Cloud Engineer

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